Cathel Hutchison

Cathel Hutchison is an editor, researcher and aspiring ecological designer, based in the Highlands. This story was inspired by the real life sailing adventures of seasoned sea-dogs, Whyte and Mackay.

Ingebjorg Smith

Ingebjorg Smith is a fine artist and illustrator who runs Studio Smith in Tain, Easter Ross. She began her career illustrating for the Dòtaman series on CBBC.


Mackay loves food and a good song. He is an accomplished thief and has raided jars, bags with zips and boxes of teabags in his unending quest to fill his belly. Also nicknamed ‘The Black Hole’.


Whyte is a keen adventurer and has collected a mountain of treasure (toys). Snakie is his favourite, see if you can spot him in the story. Whyte’s nickname is ‘Weasel’.