Bite and Mackay Go to Sea

Join Bite and Mackay on their first sailing adventure!

Bite and Mackay Go to Sea stars Bite and Mackay, two mischievous pups with a hunger for adventure, as they embark on their first sailing adventure with the Macnamara family, off the West Coast of the Scottish Highlands. The story is based on the real life sailing adventures of the author’s own dogs, Whyte and Mackay.

Mackay is a burly,
loud Scottie, who
loves food, lots of it,
and a good song.

Bite is a fiesty young
Jack Russel, who loves
hunting for ‘treasure’
and playing with his
mountain of toys.

Bite and Mackay Go to Sea

First Published in 2017
28 pages
ISBN 978-0- 9955444-1- 3
RRP £6.99

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